About Us

Veskim was established with shareholders’ equity in Istanbul Sirkeci in 1987 as a company with three partners, specializing in the local and international sales of basic chemicals. 

In 1999, production of textile auxiliary and denim chemicals started in our 16.000 m2 factory that has been used as a multi-purpose warehouse since 1994, in Tekirdag-Corlu. Veskim, in Turkey and in neighboring continents, with its commercial identity as an importer and an exporter of basic industrial chemicals and with its industrial identity as a manufacturer and supplier of textile auxiliary chemicals, has been serving customers in the chemical industry as a global player ever since. 

Our range of services had widened in 2002 by becoming the Turkey Fluids distributors of GE Bayer Silicones.

From 2004, the importing, exporting, production, marketing and sales of basic chemicals have been performed by Veskim Chemical Substances Import and Export Limited Company, while the production of Auxiliary Chemicals, Denim Chemicals and importing, exporting and sales of GE Bayer Silicones have been performed by Veskim Chemical Substances Industry and Trade Incorporated.

Our company has pioneered the chemical substances industry with its rising sales and established corporate identity. Importing, exporting and selling basic chemicals domestically, our company is continuing its operations with its widened range of products as we started the production of leather auxiliary chemicals in the facilities of our Corlu Factory.

Conducting research and development operations in our laboratories, we offer our services and experience in the application of high quality chemicals at a more economical price. We find solutions focused on the needs and expectations of the industry that we provide services for.

Our company has crowned its operation of the importation of basic chemicals with the ISO 9001-2001 Quality Management System Certificate. Veskim keeps taking firm steps forward with the vision to become one of the world’s leading brands and sustain this name without compromising the conception of total quality, environmental health and social liabilities.

Veskim is aware of the impact of positive feedback from its customers. In 2017, we grew our auxiliary chemical production factory to 21.000 m2, renewing our laboratories, production facilities and storage areas, boosting operational diligence and customer satisfaction. Veskim hopes that by creating merit and synergy, with its continuously renewed dynamic structure and professional staff, to ensure absolute satisfaction of its employees and suppliers, achieve superior quality in the products sold and services catered, become a company beyond competition by satisfying customers with “Efficient”, “Effective” and “Persisting” service.


  • General Chemicals
  • Dyes
  • Cyanides
  • Metal plating chemicals
  • Food chemistry
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Textile auxiliaries

Our Factory

Built in 1999, our textile auxiliary production facility moves to its new home in 2017.


Our Goals

To keep our place in the chemical industry as a world brand without compromising our understanding of quality, environmental health and social responsibility.


Our Products

Explore our textile auxiliary chemicals produced with technical service, quality control and R & D laboratories.


Year Company


Countries Exported To

Ton/year Production Capacity

m2 Facility

  1. 1987

    Veskim Kimya was founded in 1987 as a company in Istanbul.

  2. 1988

    The chemical materials we produced were exported abroad for the first time.

  3. 1994

    We established our logistic warehouse in Tekirdağ – Çorlu.

  4. 1999

    We opened our factory with a 5.000 m2 closed and 16.000 m2 open area.

  5. 2008

    We opened our Bursa regional office.

  6. 2010

    We opened our Gebze – Kocaeli logistic warehouse on 14.500 m2.

  7. 2012

    We opened our Hadımköy – İstanbul logistic warehouse on 10.000 m2.

  8. 2017

    We moved our headquarters in Seyrantepe to Maslak Park Plaza.

  9. 2018

    We expanded the capacity of our factory in Çorlu, with our production area totaling to 21.000 m2.


General Chemicals


Textile Performance Chemicals



• Used especially for indigo denim washing processes and indantren fabric dyeing, it prevents the color contamination of the fabric.




• A concentrated macro amino silicone emulsion, prepared for natural and synthetic fibers, formulated to remove silicone oil from emulsion difficulties. Can be easily diluted with water.



• Prevents defects caused by pH and temperature, has high stability, does not cause yellowing, protects the hydrophilicity of fibers and yarns, can be re-dyed without dismantling, provides ease of sewing, reduces friction and prevents fracture formation in synthetic, wool and blend fabrics.



• Formulated without the use of formaldehyde, improves the wet fastness of non-chemical, direct, reactive dyed and printed textile products. It also does not affect light fastness, does not cause yellowing in white textiles and does not affect the finishing chemicals used in the fabric.